[Review] I bought four of them, and the DELL U2720Q is the most powerful 27-inch 4K monitor in the world.

“I’m curious about the Dell U2720Q, how is it actually user-friendly?
‘What’s the difference between the U2720Q and the U2720QM that are similar? Which one should I buy?

Hi, I’m Takafu, who bought 4 DELL monitors U2720Q because it was too good to be true.

Monitors are very important when working on a PC, aren’t they?

This is because a monitor is an interface that affects the human body the most, as it is the one that you will be looking at continuously, and
If the quality and number of monitors are increased, the efficiency of the work will change by orders of magnitude.
A single monitor is a device that can change your life.

Therefore, I would rather buy a good monitor than buy a PC with poor specifications when buying a PC. , which I recommend to my friends and colleagues.

That’s how important the monitor is.

It’s a good thing to buy a good one because it’s something you’re going to keep looking at all the time.

But when I bought the U2720Q recently, it was so good that I got carried away and bought a total of 4 U2720QMs for my home and co-working space 🤪

I have a Surface Pro 7 connected to the U2720Q and U2720QM at home with Surface Dock 2.
In my coworking space, they are both U2720QMs. I mainly connect them to my Macbook Pro.

And since I bought both U2720Q and U2720QM this time
Usability of the U2720Q and how it differs from the U2720QM will be written about.

In this article, I will show you the good and bad points of the U2720Q and the differences between it and the U2720QM and where I recommend you to buy it.

By the time you finish reading it, you’ll know where to buy it.

So here we go.

U2720Q Specification List

First, let’s take a look at the specs of the U2720Q.
The detailed specs are official website Just look at the product page of the product, so I’ll write down the specs for the most important parts here.

item Performance point
LCD size 27 inches The mainstream nowadays is 27 inches.
Panel Type IPS This allows good color to be seen from any angle
Resolution 3840×2160 @60Hz This is what we call 4K. That’s twice the 1920×1080 of Full HD (2K).
contrast ratio 1300:1 The difference between black and white colors is clearly reflected
Response Time 8ms(standard) 5ms(fast) This is one of the best response times for work, but if it’s for gaming, you should buy a gaming monitor.
Input Port HDMI, DisplayPort, USB-C USB-C Connection! It’s no exaggeration to say that this is what you buy for.
Aspect Ratio 16:9 Even YouTube videos fill the screen nicely
USB Hub USB 3.0 hub, USB 3.1 hub No need to buy a new USB hub. Desks without an external hub are cleaner
positioning Horizontal rotation, vertical rotation, tilting DELL’s stand is really good, and pivot rotation is standard
Dimensions 61.13 cm x 18.5 cm x 52.52 cm Bezel-less makes it so compact

It’s probably something like this.

Just reading the points of these specs shows that it’s a pretty amazing monitor.

7 points I liked about the U2720Q!

Here’s what I actually liked about the U2720Q.

4K is justice after all. The beauty of the U2720Q is that it’s so beautiful.

I knew 4K was justified. Overwhelmingly beautiful.

Now that I’m used to looking at smartphone screens, 2K of dot-by-dot on a PC monitor is getting hard to do.

The text is smudged and looks dirty.

If you are a programmer or IT engineer like me, you will inevitably spend a lot of time constantly looking at the text on the screen.

In such a case, the text should definitely be displayed neatly.

I bought one U2720Q at the beginning and used it with a dual 4K and 2K monitor, but the difference was so great that I couldn’t stand it anymore and ended up buying another U2720QM.

With 4K, even Yahoo’s top page is beautiful.

I can’t see the same page displayed on a 2K monitor called U2415. .

The text editor called VSCode, which is familiar to programmers, has a blurred effect on 2K monitors, but this is also resolved on 4K monitors and is in great shape.

4K monitors are also great for programming. 4K monitors make programming a breeze.

And this U2720Q is HDR400, so the colors are really beautiful.

However, since I am an engineer, I am not looking for professional level colors like designers, so I can’t go that deep on this one.

When I look at the 4K text editor, the 2K text editor is already at the level of throwing up.

The USB-C connection is great; it doubles as a 90W power supply and USB hub.

In the case of the Macbook Pro, connect two of them. For a Macbook Pro, connect two.

The U2720Q has a USB-C input terminal.

It is no exaggeration to say that this is why I bought it.

The U2720Q also features a USB power supply and USB hub, allowing users to connect to a monitor directly without having to go through a USB-C hub for nothing.

This is The best usability for me, who often switches between desktop mode on my laptop.

The desk is also clearer, so I can make better use of the space.

What’s more, the good thing about the U2720Q is that it also has a USB port on the side.
7BE8BDD8-B 257-4F6F-ABA9-D2F7E235A01D_1_105_c

This can be connected to a USB memory stick or the USB of a smartphone for the purpose of debugging in app development.

There is a USB port on the back side of the monitor as well, and it’s good to connect a wired keyboard or a cable for charging to a USB port that is hard to plug in and out.

Bezel-less on all four sides is the most immersive experience

E575170D- 6036-469F-9D0C-BDCE88DFF534_1_105_c

Bezel-less has come a long way.

The edge of a monitor is called a bezel, and making it as narrow as possible (bezel-less) is the latest style trend in monitors.

But what we couldn’t achieve is bezel-less design for the bottom edge of the monitor.

It may be because of the logos and buttons, but this is the only area where we could not make it bezel-less.

But the U2720Q has done it. The bottom edge is all bezel-less, too, with the same width as the top left and right sides! (All bezel-less!)

Let’s take a look at some of the latest 27″ monitors from other companies.

HP Z27 4K UHD:107,800 YEN

BENQ EW2780U:64,800 YEN

LG 27UL550-W:43,310 YEN

Yes, everyone is making a point of claiming the logo with the bottom bezel.

butThe Dell U2720Q is beautiful because it is all bezel-less.

You’ve done this. I applaud the wise decision to make the logo small and bezel-less.

This is the ultimate in bezel-less design without a logo, and I applaud it. .

The anti-reflection was actually pretty cool

8D13C438- AD29-4677-92FD-67AA3B029384_1_105_c

I noticed after I bought it that this monitor has an unusually low level of reflection.

This monitor’s reflection means the reflection of electricity in the room, and its anti-reflection technology is excellent.

To begin with, it’s a non-glare (non-glare LCD), but there’s even less reflection in it.

If you’re in a room with a lot of light, this is a great help.

You won’t have to look at your exhausted face.

You can pivot and rotate it so you can place it vertically

Net, though, I don’t do vertical installation on a 27-inch monitor.

In fact, what many monitors do not have, surprisingly, is a pivot rotation function.

As you can see by searching for monitors at Price.com, low-end monitors do not have a pivot rotation function.

Many DELL monitors can rotate vertically as a standard feature, which is very useful.

This is extremely useful when you need to view a web browser in a vertical orientation, face the source code in programming, or display Excel in a long vertical orientation.

However, in the case of the vertical installation of 27 inches, I have to look up in any way when I look up, so I have to return to horizontal installation after all (laughs).

Send me a color-corrected copy

7EC845A4-6 C2E-44B0-B0B3-B4DB54B3BEE6_1_105_c

The U2720Q is what we call a good monitor, so it is shipped with a factory calibration before it leaves the factory.

Fidelity of color right out of the box: This monitor is factory-corrected for 99% sRGB coverage and less than Delta-E 2, making it available with high color fidelity right from the start.

I’m not a photographer or designer, though, so the moment I put it on, I thought, “Wow, that’s beautiful. I’m so happy. That’s all I can think of when I put it on (laughs).

The compact base of the stand takes up very little desk space

DELL is also evolving its stand base.

The U2415 is on the right, but the base is more compact than that.

I used to use Dell’s famous “U2415” and it is even more compact than that.

This is quite important. The more compact the stand base is, the more you can put the keyboard in the back.

The more compact the stand base is, the more space the more you can put the keyboard at the back, the farther you can put the keyboard arm space in front of the keyboard.

What I’ve noticed after 15 years of PC work is that the cause of stiff shoulders in PC work is that there’s not enough room for your arms.
Typing with my hands in the air was 100% shoulder stiffness in my case.

So it’s very important to have this space to put your arms!

Although the base is compact, its impact is immense.

Two things I didn’t like about the U2720Q

Hard to press buttons

32B7ED34- ABD0-409F-89E8-4FEBA2E03583_1_105_c

The buttons for fine adjustment of the monitor are a little difficult to push.
The buttons are small and hard. So I feel that it is not easy to use.

The buttons of the monitor of DELL before were often touch type, but I feel that the touch type was better.

Well, I think the manufacturing cost will go up if we make it a touch type, so the selling price will likely be higher.

And since monitor adjustment is done once, it’s not a problem at all.

The included USB-C cable is short

E68B3B1E-C 90A-4B71-9B3C-42C9C5195C1D_1_105_c

The included USB-C cable is quite short. It was about 10cm in actual size.

In the case of a dual display, you may not be able to reach it when you put your PC far away.

It is a story that you can buy a USB-C cable on Amazon because it is sold a lot.

The recommendation is “RAMPOW USB Type C-Type C Cable 2M” cable.

I’ve been using it for several months and it’s a stable connection between the U2720Q and my Macbook Pro and Surface Pro.

Differences between the U2720Q and the U2720QM


The U2720Q is available on the official Dell website and the U2720QM is available on Amazon.
The only difference between them is that one type of cable is different.

The performance of the monitor is the same.

Model Included Cable Sellers Price
U2720Q USB-C Cable, Display Port Cable, USB-C to USB-A Cable DELL Official Site 64,980 yen
U2720QM USB-C cable, HDMI cable, USB-C to USB-A cable Amazon 59,800 yen

Which one should I buy, the U2720Q or the U2720QM!

There are currently more opportunities to use HDMI cables with other devices than display ports, and
The U2720QM sold on Amazon is 59,800 yen and 5,000 yen cheaper, so
If you’re going to buy one, the Amazon U2720QM would be better.

And Amazon’s is more immediate😌.

With DELL it takes about a week, but in my case it was about 4 days.


The U2720Q is one of the most cost effective 27-inch 4K monitors in a good way.
There are certainly cheaper 4K monitors out there that are cheaper than this one, but considering the quality of this one, I think the U2720Q is my only choice.

Finally, to summarize this article.

  • It’s a monitor you’ll be looking at for a long time, so it better be good quality and easy on the eyes!
  • A single USB-C unit can be used as a monitor output, PC charging, and USB hub, so your desk is clear!
  • U2720Q and U2720QM are the same inside, so you should choose the cheaper U2720QM!

This was the case.

You have a pretty good “monitor eye” if you’re looking for a monitor for telework applications, etc. and you’re looking into the U2720Q.

I can tell you that because I bought a total of four of them.
U2720Q(U2720QM) is an unmistakable 27″ 4K monitor to buy right now.

Amazon’s U2720QM page is here.

That’s all from the field.







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